When it comes to services, if we don’t do it, we’d be surprised to hear that someone does.

Industries Served:

– Wireline & Wireless


– Construction & Maintenance

service categories:

Infrastructure Construction
Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, Fiber Optic, Wireless Networks 


Professional Services
Site Development, Project & Inventory Management, Assessment, Analysis, Acquisition, Zoning & Permitting

cradle-to-grave services

Established in 1977, S&N Communications is a renowned provider of wired and wireless infrastructure construction, electric and gas construction, professional services and site development, with 750+ employees nationwide, operating out of 60 field offices in 38 states. We offer “cradle-to-grave” services coast-to-coast. Combined, we’ve installed more than 60 million feet of fiber optic cable and connected over 1 million homes and businesses with telecom, cable, gas and electric service. We have provided professional and management services for thousands of wireless tower projects and RF technology solutions for numerous wireless carriers and infrastructure deployment companies. From start to finish, switch to tower, beginning to end, you’re in good hands with S&N.

What does this mean for our customers? Peace of mind. It means managing a single resource versus coordinating among multiple vendors. It means knowing that no matter the stage of your project, it’s in the hands of seasoned professionals who take pride in their work.

We've got this

  • Electric & Gas Construction
  • Telecommunications Construction
  • Wireless Network Site Development
  • Site Development, Site Assessment, Acquisition, Zoning & Permitting
  • Project & Inventory Management
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