What our Maryland residents have to say about us

Daniel Velez, a Glo Fiber customer in Maryland.

S&N Team,

I had to take a few minutes to send you an email letting you know about the excellent work by your teams in our neighborhood who are supporting a fiber installation by Glo Fiber.

Communities express concern about jobs like these occurring in their neighborhoods. I, like others, was concerned about holes in our yards, ripped up driveways and sidewalks, general disruption to our peaceful lives, and potential damage to our existing services. However, the reality I experienced and witnessed was nothing short of superior work by a bunch of hard-working professionals who came in here and treated our properties respectfully with care and attention to detail to prevent damage and to restore what was disturbed.

You know the house guest who folds their bed linens, collects their towels, empties the trash, and delivers folded dirty linens to the laundry room at the conclusion of their stay? That’s how I’d best describe the kind of care and work I’ve observed.

Many thanks to your outstanding teams and I hope you can use a testimonial such as this to win another job and to allay the concerns of the residents of the next neighborhood you visit.

Best regards,

Daniel Velez


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