Verizon Attaboy

Our Director of Communications Infrastructure, Sean Davis, recently spent time with Bob Anderson, a compliance inspector with Verizon. Below is Sean’s email sent to the S&N team leader after their meeting.

Lydia, Just want to pass along the 10-minute compliment I just received on your work at Spring Garden Apartments on Route 1 in Mount Vernon. Bob Anderson wanted to give an “Atta girl” and “Atta boy” for all your team’s work out there. He was very impressed with the speed and quality of the operation. He said that your work was “The most professional work he has ever seen in his entire career at Verizon.” You seem to be on a roll lately; this must be the fifth compliment in the last few weeks. Keep up the great work! Thank You, Sean

Thanks to Bob for the compliment, Sean for passing it along, but most of all, thank you to Lydia and team for surpassing expectations. You are the reason “we’ve got this!”

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