The Foodies of S&N

One of the things about S&N we treasure most is our company culture. And one thing that separates S&N from the competition (aside from being the best construction and locating company in the nation) is being well known for making a mean meal. During times of disaster, we’re prepared to not only help the people in need, but also, our own crews. And if we want to (and we frequently do), we may just decide a damage prevention meeting or a training day warrants a good cookout. Whatever the occasion, we’re dedicated to making sure our workers are in good hands with full bellies.


Our trucks pull up ready to get the prepping, cooking and serving stations set up. We aren’t about to bring any microwavable dishes or bags of chips. Our smoker grill takes on the brunt of the work and is nearly always manned by Allen Powell, our CEO and master chef.


Set up for these meals is an event in and of itself.




We can’t help but watch the meat cook. It’s our second favorite part of the meal—right behind eating, of course.




It’s a team effort to get things together, but it’s all worth it to say “thank you” to the employees who do so much for us.

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