Playing In The Big Leagues

As deploying fiber to businesses, homes and rural America becomes more of a priority, exciting opportunities are opening up for companies in our industry. But, not everyone will have a stake in the game. Why? For smaller companies, the reason is often lack of fiscal stability. S&N doesn’t have that problem. We’re able to compete on a national scale because we have the reach and balance sheet to meet customer needs. We hire a large percent of our workers in each state that have the willingness, knowledge and capability to get the job done. Smaller infrastructure locating and construction companies can’t handle the upfront costs associated with large jobs like these. At S&N, we typically have at least two-thirds of our resources lined up before we even start a job. We attract talent because we’re known for consistency. We pay every week. We take care of our own. From a resource standpoint, we have what it takes to get even the largest job done right and done well. There may be a perception by some that we are a small fish in a big pond, but that’s okay. We’re making waves, regardless.  

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