Meet & Greet: Technical Site Services

When we tell people we do technical site services, they may smile and nod, but we suspect the term is so broad that people are left unsure of what it is, specifically, that we offer. We thought we’d address that here.

Service: Technical Site Services


            Power Plant & Battery Installation/Modifications

            Site Maintenance, Inspections & Trouble-Ticket Resolution

            Telco Services: T-1, DS3, Fiber Installation & Testing

            SIAD & LMU Provisioning

            BTS Installation & Troubleshooting

            Site Optimization & Troubleshooting

            HVAC Services

            Spectrum Analysis

            Pre-Fabricated Antenna Assembly

Benefits: Lots of companies do some of these things. Not many do all of them, and no one does them with the level of standard and care S&N brings to all our work.


From power plant modifications to pre-fabricated antenna assembly, S&N Communications takes pride in the wide range of technical site services we offer.

Need more? We like answering questions almost as much as we like power plant and battery installation. (We’re kind of nerdy that way.) Contact us at

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