Meet & Greet: Mark & Monitor

Happy Memorial Day! And welcome back to our Meet and Greet blog series. Last Monday, we provided an overview of underground utility locating. Today, we take a deeper dive into another service provided by our subsidiary, Stake Center Locating: Mark & Monitor.

Service: Mark & Monitor, also known as Mark & Standby

Provided by: Stake Center Locating

Description: Telecommunication, electricity, cable, gas and fiber optics companies often have a need to be able to monitor their underground utility lines. Especially if any excavation or bore-crossing work is taking place nearby, these companies want to be on standby for immediate notification if a line is hit, and to learn what the extent of the damage is.

Stake Center not only marks where the lines are to avoid excavation damage in the first place, we take immediate steps when damage does occur to alert the utility as to the scope of the damage and secure the area to provide access to the damaged line.

Benefits: Peace of mind knowing that our presence translates into superior service for your end customers.

Other Marks: Our clients use us to find and mark much more than just utility lines. We can also locate cable, pipes, conduits, ducts, fuel tanks and almost any other buried object you can think of.

Next Monday, we’ll be covering our training programs. We’re throwing in a few surprises you won’t want to miss.

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