Leadership at all Levels: Vision

Great leadership starts with vision. Having a great vision inspires people to come together, from the executive office to the field. What many don’t consider is, it’s not just a company’s executives who can take the lead with a vision for the company. At S&N, we believe being a leader and being a visionary go hand-in-hand and we want to encourage that type of thinking among all of our employees. Great ideas can come from anyone at any time. We celebrate those who bring exceptional leadership to the table, and highlight them in our quarterly internal newsletter. We do it not only to inspire the employee nominated, but to motivate others to see that kind of leadership is coming from the people they see everyday. And it can also come from them. Our very own Phil Strahin, S&N’s senior fleet manager, saw a company need and had a vision of his own. He realized there needed to be a systematized process to keep company vehicles up to standard. Strahin is now personally leading S&N’s efforts to ensure all company vehicles are properly equipped and in safe operating condition. Kudos to Phil for his leadership! May we all have the fortitude to step up and take the lead when you have a vision for your company.

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