Leadership at All Levels: Passion

One of our favorite quotes around the office is by George Catlett Marshall:

“Speak honestly and responsively
Faithfully adhere to what is right
Be bold in speech and deed
Speak and act with honor
Service above self-interest.”

To us, this quote speaks of leadership and passion. Passion is the driving force behind what it takes to be a leader. When you lead and work with passion, it’s infectious. It gets others excited about a project. Put simply, passion shows you care.

People with passion know that it’s important to make the right decisions and stick to a code of morals and values. Here at S&N, those core values include integrity, innovation, experience and craftsmanship.

“We’ve got this.” It’s a phrase that lets our customers know they can count on us. It’s our passion. And the reason we do what we do.

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