Leadership At All Levels: Integrity

At S&N, we don’t just have great leaders at the top of our employee hierarchy; we believe in encouraging leadership across the board. From everyday construction jobs to developing an Emergency Response Plan, we motivate everyone to step up, express their ideas and demonstrate their strengths. We understand that true leaders are in roles throughout the company, and strive to give each and every employee a chance to demonstrate their leadership qualities, starting with integrity. Webster’s defines integrity as “a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” We believe integrity is something achieved through diligent work and honesty. We hope to change perceptions on how the telecommunication field is seen by having a high employee standard that ensures they are the embodiment of integrity. It is imperative to have honest, hard-working people in the high-stress environment in which we work. Because we work in a high-tech field where safety and damage control are paramount, our industry needs to work as a whole and leadership needs to be on all levels of the field. Recently, one of our technicians shared his story about a job that didn’t quite go as expected. The boring project required construction underneath a resident’s driveway and resulted in cracked concrete. While the resident likely wouldn’t have noticed, the technician brought the issue to light, and took steps to resolve the problem. Talk about integrity! That’s the S&N way. Quality is our first priority and we will not waver on that promise. We work to empower our staff at every level, helping them make a difference and ensuring that all voices are heard. By implementing this way of thinking, we will continue to thrive and grow. We’re setting grounds for change in the industry, and we don’t mind leading the way.

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