Kudos to our Hard Workers

When a sinkhole appeared in VA Beach, affecting Verizon’s service, S&N was called in to assess damages and make repairs. We were grateful to receive the following e-mail from Mr. Joe Lyon, a Verizon customer.


A quick note of thanks for the outstanding repair job Mr. Arnold and Mr. Summers did this morning. They both have a positive attitude and can-do spirit that anyone in business envies! Not only were they hard working and knowledgable but they exhibit the thing most admired by those of us in the small business world: pride in their company and total ownership of product. I know you are proud to have them on your team. You sir, have a gift for hiring good people! 

All my best!

Joe Lyon, Captain (ret) USN

Thanks to our guys for always going above and beyond and helping us prove “We’ve Got This!”

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