June 19-25 is Locator Safety Awareness Week

Do you face bees, heat exhaustion, sprained ankles and the taming of unfriendly neighborhood dogs as part of your daily work? Utility locators do. Which is why it’s only fitting there’s an entire week devoted to creating awareness about on-the-job safety for these hard working men and women.

The third annual Locator Safety Awareness Week (LSAW) will be held June 19 to 25. S&N will be participating in LSAW with a week of internal contests, emails and other fun reminders of why what we do—and more importantly, how doing it safely —is so important.

While locators and other workers in the field can’t avoid all incidents (poison ivy can be sneaky), most on-the-job injuries can be avoided or reduced by adhering to safety best practices. It’s these accidents that we at S&N work hard to avoid. We’re committed to getting the job done right and that means getting it done safely. For example, anyone who locates, excavates or climbs for us must pass rigorous safety training. We conduct unannounced field audits. When incidents do happen, we share within our company what happened, why and lessons learned. 

Want to get involved with LSAW? Check out the official social media plan and share your own messages concerning locator safety on social media using #LSAW. You can also connect with S&N Communications on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stay safe!







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