Changing Perceptions of the Locating and Telecommunications Industry

People love to complain. Whether it’s hopping on Facebook to blast the inept server at last night’s restaurant, or pulling a co-worker aside to gripe about the boss, most of us will never run out of things to complain about.

The underground utility locating and construction industry receives its fair share of negative comments. One quick pass through The Cable Vine is enough to reveal that our field is perceived as low tech and therefore, able to compete solely on cost.

S&N is diligently working to change this perception. The truth is that we work in a high-tech field where the work is both stressful and dangerous. And, particularly with the telecommunications industry, the work is unbelievably competitive. This competition, however, leads to low bids that often translate to reduced quality—hence the customer complaints.

The solution is for the industry as a whole to step up and provide quality, regardless of cost. By the same token, customers must demand that quality and realize that when they pay a bit more, they’re paying for the guarantee of a job well done, as well as saving money on the back end by not having to go back in and fix mistakes.

We’re spending 2015 encouraging quality across the board—in ourselves, and from our competitors. Why? Because customers don’t always differentiate between vendors and inferior quality delivered by one company reflects poorly on us all.

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